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Mmuock days of the week

There are eight days in the Mmuock week. Using the simplified alphabet, we write them as follows: Ngangè Mbeqgnúá (or Mbeéqgnúá) Mbeqlěq Njœengong Mbeqńkœó (or Mbeéqńkœó) Njœelekœr̄ Fa’à Télǎng. Ngangè is the first day of the week and is generally a day of rest. Mbeqgnúá is the big market day, while  Fa’à is the “small” market […]


Tone symbols on Android

Mmuock is a tonal language. This means: in addition to the letters (from A to Z), you must also indicate the tone of the sound. For example: Ngōng means “world”, while Ngóng means “farming”. The difference between the two words, lies on the tone on the letter ⟨o⟩. Another notable example is Njiè (clothing) and […]