Mmuock days of the week

There are eight days in the Mmuock week. Using the simplified alphabet, we write them as follows:

  1. Ngangè
  2. Mbeqgnúá (or Betaâgnúá in Mmockmbie)
  3. Mbeqlěq
  4. Njϐngong (or Ngong in Mmockmbie)
  5. Mbeqńkœó
  6. Njœêlekœr̄
  7. Fa’à
  8. Télǎng (or Njœeláh in Mmockmbie).

Ngangè is the first day of the week and is generally a day of rest. Mbeqgnúá is the big market day, while  Fa’à is the “small” market day. The other days may have different significance in different Mmuock communities.

One can create a Mmuock calendar by visiting the Mmuock calendar website.

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