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Mmuock days of the week

There are eight days in the Mmuock week. Using the simplified alphabet, we write them as follows:

  1. Ngangè
  2. Mbeqgnúá (or Mbeéqgnúá)
  3. Mbeqlěq
  4. Njœengong
  5. Mbeqńkœó (or Mbeéqńkœó)
  6. Njœelekœr̄
  7. Fa’à
  8. Télǎng.

Ngangè is the first day of the week and is generally a day of rest. Mbeqgnúá is the big market day, while  Fa’à is the “small” market day. The other days may have different significance in different Mmuock communities.

One can create a Mmuock calendar by visiting the Mmuock calendar website.

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