Welcome to the online repository of materials on the Mmuock Language. We are still setting up and there is no promise that any useful content will be available here anytime soon. Fingers crossed!

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We are the Mmuock Language Society. Our mission is to preserve the Mmuock language and promote its use in today's communication channels.

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Mmuock days of the week

There are eight days in the Mmuock week. Using the simplified alphabet, we write them as follows: Ngangè Mbeqgnúá (or Mbeéqgnúá) Mbeqlěq Njœengong Mbeqńkœó (or Mbeéqńkœó) Njœelekœr̄ Fa’à Télǎng. Ngangè is the first day of the week and is generally a day of rest. Mbeqgnúá is the big market day, while  Fa’à is the “small” market […]


Tone symbols on Android

Mmuock is a tonal language. This means: in addition to the letters (from A to Z), you must also indicate the tone of the sound. For example: Ngōng means “world”, while Ngóng means “farming”. The difference between the two words, lies on the tone on the letter ⟨o⟩. Another notable example is Njiè (clothing) and […]